Welcome to the world of connecting powerful brands with powerful people.

Step into my world where emotions play a central role and accelerate brands to thrive. I strongly believe in the potency behind right partnerships – and the magic which happens, when the partners collide. It becomes a love story – like love at first sight. Transforming my passion and two decades of experience within the premium and luxury industry into my own professional world of liaison management – is beyond a calling, it is magic.


The WHY is the essence of my purpose.

I found my purpose in everything linked to connecting powerful brands with powerful people. I strongly believe in the potency behind right partnerships – and the magic which happens, when the partners collide. It becomes a love story – like love at first sight. My purpose is to make this love story happen with you, your brand, your company or your product. Bringing a deep understanding of cross-cultural behavioural with the capability of think creative and do strategic, I move your visions forward to the next level. I listen, I see, I understand and help you to shape your collabs towards a holistic and strategic approach throughout all touchpoints.


The HOW is the basement of the skill set.

Since over two decades I work in the field of premium and luxury goods and services. Private Banking, VIP Management, Swarovski, IWC Schaffhausen, L’Oréal Group, BMW, MINI – the list is full of inspiring brands who understand the needs of their clients. So I listened, I watched and I understood. Today, my skill set as a marketeer, a connector, a manager and a host – is a premium package of competences.  Having a background in Business Administration paired with the best-in-class Certificate of Advanced Studies in Marketing & Communications at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft in Zürich, I am capable of combining a strategic business approach with the latest market insights. A manager in my natural attitudes, a marketeer in my soul, a connector & host due to my diverse cultural backgrounds – I am your powerful choice for your powerful brand. With a large portfolio of experts and industry partners, my services are enriched by specialist expertise through various freelancers and agencies. A networker by nature, I found powerful like-minded people along the way who thrive for exceptional results, as much as I do.


The WHAT is what you get.

Consulting, Events & PR

To help you optimize your current partnerships, industry & pr relations as well as create new partnerships & experiences.

  • Experiential concepts & Event Management
  • Testimonial & Influencer collaborations
  • PR & industry relations within the premium and luxury sector
  • Freelance role / external consultancy within the field of partnerships, testimonial & influencer strategies, pr & industry relations (project-/ mandate based)

Talent Management

To help talents connect with the right brands and act as right hand along the journey. 

  • Acquisition & bookings
  • Contract negotiations & administrations
  • Liaison & strategic development
  • My talents: Zoe Torinesi (Cookinesi), Lynn Grütter, Boogie 

Event hosting

To help transmit your key message to the audience and act as your powerful energy holder in the room.

  • Event & show host live stage
  • Event & show host streaming event

Distribution of powerful products

To help find the place-to-be for your product

  • Agent for the Swiss market
  • Embedded marketing within my network


Gain insights into the successful projects I have undertaken, harnessing a brand-focused methodology and innovative marketing techniques to achieve tangible outcomes for clients.


The Mood

Step into my world where emotions drive brands to new heights. With over two decades in the premium and luxury industry, I transform passion into magic through powerful partnerships. It’s like love at first sight, creating a story where brands thrive together.



Mail: thesarhan (at) thesarhan.com

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